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Sephin George #

With over 8 years as a Senior Java Developer, I excel in constructing microservices with industry-standard tech and implementing efficient CI/CD pipelines. Skilled in Java, Spring, and DevOps, I deliver top-notch, scalable solutions, constantly seeking innovation and staying abreast of industry advancements.

Experience #

Senior Java Developer, Accenture (Dec 2021 – Feb 2024) #

At Accenture, I collaborated with clients in the Banking and Automotive domains, spearheading the development of microservices utilizing Java and Spring Boot. I actively contributed to the end-to-end process, encompassing development, testing, and deployment of solutions in cloud environments.

  • Developed a configuration-driven framework for report generation, utilizing AWS EventBridge, Lambda, and SES for data export and email delivery
  • Developed a hash function-based identifier shortening mechanism for payment transactions.
  • Created an in-house solution for IBAN validation, leveraging Redis cluster with sentinel configuration for caching and scalability.
  • Implemented certificate-based authentication for secure access to external APIs, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Java Developer, TCS (Nov 2015 – Dec 2021) #

During my tenure at TCS, I engaged with clients in the banking and insurance sectors. Additionally, I served as a research developer, leading the implementation of a prototype solution and subsequently filing a patent for it.

  • Developed and maintained Spring Batch applications to process large files, achieving a 50% performance improvement with multi-threading and parallel processing.
  • Developed a Java agent for real-time analysis of user behavior and application responses, uncovering new code execution paths resulting from unexpected user behavior not covered by existing test cases.

Education #

Govt. RIT, B.Tech Computer Science 2011 – 2015 #

  • Data Structures, Design and analysis of Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Operating Systems, Software Engineering.

Skills #

  • Languages: Java, Python, Javascript
  • Framework: Spring, Hibernate
  • Cloud : AWS Lambda, EventBridge, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Cognito, EKS, Openshift, Kubernetes
  • Others : JUnit, Redis, MySQL, Azure DevOps, GitOps, Jenkins